Photographs 1939 - 1956

All the photographs are from the artist's General Motors days. Some are with family, one is a self-portrait, some are with colleagues, and there are even two views of his personal favorite concept car, the Olds F88.

The Ross Family photos were taken at GM Styling's annual Christmas Party, 1947 and 1948. The dramatic photo "noir," complete with dangling cigarette and wafting smoke, is a 1939 self-portrait.

The concept car is a 1954 Oldsmobile F88, the very one the artist brought home during the first half of 1954. In early June of that year, the artist's son was graduating grade school and had just received his driver's license. So on the evening of the prom, the artist flipped his son the keys and off to the dance they went, with son's date sitting on dad's lap. After seeing the car, everyone at the prom wanted a ride. So for the remainder of the evening, the artist took everyone for a ride, including teachers, chaperones, and custodians. It was a night to remember.

Just fifty-one years later, in 2005, Barrett-Jackson Auctioneers sold the car for over $3,500,000, the most ever realized for an American car. Immediately after the auction, the artist's son started receiving calls from around the nation. Fellow grade school students searched him out, wanting to know if the Barrett-Jackson Olds F88 was, in fact, the very car they remembered from 1954.

“Yes it was the very same one.” So now they all have a new chapter to add to their fifty year old memories.
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