Lost, but not forgotten

These works are mostly from black and white negatives. He photographed many for his own records. Where the originals were either lost, given to others, or are, perhaps, still in the possession of General Motors, the images are presented here. All but four are dated before 1950.

One, the M - 1 Hell Cat, was for a mural hanging in the lobby of GMs Camouflage and War Services Division during WW II. Other airplane illustrations shown here, like the Flight Escort III, were used as sketches for his other murals hanging in the same lobby.

The Unlimited Hydroplane illustration, circa, 1964, is the most recent work in the gallery. Media is gouache and ink on illustration board. The boat’s owner Jack Schaefer, an unlimited hydroplane enthusiast and renowned Detroit area industrialist commissioned it.

The portrait is of General Motors executive Sherrod Skinner. He was a GM V.P. and General Manager of Oldsmobile. It celebrates his fiftieth birthday. Note the "highway from the past" carrying cars, planes, and other machinery built by GM’s Oldsmobile Div. between 1940 and 1950.

During WW II, the artist illustrated many military manuals. Here is one of four illustrations, Carrier Take offs, very faded and discolored, scanned from a WW II aviation manual "Flight Thru Instruments."
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