Drawings 1931 - 1936

These drawings all date back to the artist's high school days and just a few years afterward. His only formal education after high school came with a year at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Here is a drawing from a life drawing class, Classmate.

His inspiration came from American illustrators like Charles Dana Gibson, Boris Artzybasheff, Haddon Sundblom and German cartoonist Heinrick Kley - all renowned artists of their day. His inspiration for automobiles came from the elite of American car manufactures, the Duesenberg. His inspiration for women came from his high school sweetheart and future wife, Alice Smilgoff - see Speeding Ticket, and Bathing Beauty.

His characters are beautiful, see Cowgirl, and glamorous, see The Barrymores (John Barrymore and friend), just like those in the pulp publications he read at the time. They tell simple and romantic stories from yesteryear. The works were executed in pencil, pen and ink, and charcoal on either Manila paper or illustration board.
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