Duesenberg Portfolio 1934 - 1935

In late 1934 or early 1935, the artist started his search for a career in his childhood dream, automobile design. First on his list, first in his heart, and his first interview was with Duesenberg, located in Auburn, IN. He believed that Duesenberg was the quintessential American car. It had no peers. His portfolio for that interview can be seen in this gallery.

These stylized cars aren't exactly Duesenbergs, but many evoke the look and feel of Duesenbergs, like the Doozy No 1, There are also a few illustrations of a 1934 or 1935 Czechoslovakian Tatra, side view, a stylized 1935 drawing, Auto No 1 with Spartan Executive Airplane, and a very contemporary Demon Transfer delivery truck.

With great disappointment, he declined the Duesenberg job offer. Friends and family convinced him that The Great Depression would eventually sink the famous automaker. So he entertained subsequent job offerings from MGM and GM and settled with GM (1935–1959) in Detroit. Put in a timely perspective, he thought that Detroit and the automobile industry was a much more stylish, sophisticated city than Los Angeles and Hollywood, in 1934.

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