Portraits 1931 - 1969

These portraits are mostly of the artist's family, with a few friends, colleagues, and classic figures thrown in. Media are varied, but mostly oil, gouache, pencil and two plaster castings. The oldest work is dated 1931, the artist's sixteen year old sweetheart and future wife, Alicia Smilgoff. The most recent is a 1969 oil painting of his son Nolan Ross contemplating his next chess move.

The artist’s mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, a few models from GMs Motoramas of the early 1950s, and some classic paintings can all be found in this gallery. There are even sculptures of his daughter Monica Ross and an Art Ross self-portrait.

Speaking of classic paintings, the artist's mother-in-law, Minnie Smilgoff, would often complain with tongue in cheek, that she wanted a Rembrandt hanging in her living room. So in 1942, he found a picture of Rembrandt's Alexander the Great. His gift to his mother-in-law (in gouache, not oil) hung in her living room for over thirty years.
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