Product Designs 1959 - 1967

Here are the artist's non-transportation related product designs from his days as president of Arthur Ross Assoc. There was virtually no limit to the variety of products brought into his office requiring his talents.

Appliances, automobile after-market products, sports equipment like Golf Club – No 2, clothing, plumbing fixtures, lawnmowers, furniture, flower pots and stands, automobile fabrics, sterling silver filigree designs for Rifle Butts, and pens, to name a few. Some designs were rather outlandish, like the Aluma Bra – No 1 – and a butane lighter in the guise of a wrist watch, Cigarette Lighter - No 1.

There is one product he originally designed, circa 1959, that is still in production to this day. It's the Delta Faucet by Masco Corp. There is only one original drawing of the faucet with the ubiquitous ball on the end of the handle remaining in the artist's collection. It's featured here along with a few designs Masco rejected.
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