Designs from ARA 1959 - 1967

The illustrations in this gallery are from the artist's days as president of Arthur Ross Assoc. (A.R.A.) Their purpose was not strictly product design. Only one of these designs made it to the manufacturing stage. Rather, they were to be utilized for marketing purposes, like print ads, posters, banners and designs for convention displays, catalogs and art books.

On occasion, prototype models like Hub Cap – No 2 and Steering Wheel – No 2,  were fabricated for strictly display purposes.

The Safety Seat Belt – No 1 design was manufactured in the mid 1960s. In those days, the seat belt manufacturers had to submit their products to a rigorous, government safety test in order to obtain certification. Once purchased, the belt had to be installed by a mechanic in a garage or body shop. Shoulder belts, at that time, were a thing of the future. All this wasn't very consumer friendly and as a consequence, safety seat belts were not widely used until the Big Three started supplying them as standard equipment.

Several automobile illustrations were commissioned by U. S. Steel for their marketing program promoting the use of steel for the automobile industry. Here is one of them, Auto – No 1.

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