Works in Various Media 1934 - 1965

Media for these works is mostly Prismacolor pencil and marker. Gouache, pencil, ink and an occasional airbrush were also used. The oldest illustration is a 1934 pencil drawing of an art deco ocean liner. The most recent is a 1965 illustration of a Concept Car in Prismacolor marker.

The Ski Sled – No 1 was a product designed thirty years before its time. In 1960, the idea could not be sold. Boat manufactures, motor manufactures, and automakers had no interest. Today, these ubiquitous toys are on virtually every North American lake and river where allowed by law – and even where not allowed.

The United Nation’s Space Vehicle UN 75-0 illustration was executed in 1961, just four years after Sputnik. The first American Space Shuttle wasn’t launched until 1981. The 1961 space vehicle certainly has the look and feel of the 1981 space shuttle - twenty years before its time. It’s also interesting that the United Nations, not the United States, was pictured as the owner and operator of the vehicle.   

The artist was Chief Designer of Oldsmobile for over fourteen years, yet this Oldsmobile Starfire illustration is the only Oldsmobile in his collection. It’s presumed that the other illustrations he created during this Golden Age of Automobile Design (there must be at least several hundred) are still in the possession of General Motors.
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