Step back over seventy-five years into the future of Arthur Ross (1913 –1981). As a Creative Designer for Buick, Chief Designer of Cadillac, and Chief Designer of Oldsmobile during his twenty-four year career with renowned styling pioneer Harley Earl at General Motors Styling Division, he lived his life in futures now long past. You are about to take a journey through those futures, via his art, his illustrations, and his designs. We hope you enjoy the show.

View his favorite subjects – Planes, Women, and Automobiles - as only he sees them. Navigation is quite simple, so view his galleries, learn more about him and his art, and visit the “Reproductions” shop to purchase Giclee fine art prints, posters and lithographs.

His earliest work dates back to 1928, an oil painting by a fourteen-year-old high school freshman. The most recent work is dated 1969. It’s an oil painting of his son Nolan Ross (please visit www.TheCartoonsOfNolanRoss.com) contemplating his next chess move. During the intervening forty plus years, technology provided a continuous and demanding challenge to his artistic curiosity. So, in addition to his traditional drawings and paintings, see his “cutting edge” works with airbrush and markers.

There are over one hundred works now on display with many more available. So visit again, as new images will be rotated through each gallery on a monthly basis. At the conclusion of your tour, please register your visit. Compliments and criticisms alike are always welcome, or just send us a message. We’d like to hear from you.

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